The Time of My Life

You’re invited to the Luminous & Grounded birthday party! 

And hey, what do you know, it’s my birthday too!? Maybe it’s a Leo thing, but I love a good celebration.  This year I gifted myself a blog.  And a URL.  And a farm table.  It’s all part of the big picture.  But hey, let’s not spoil all the birthday surprises.  In true Leo fashion I’ll be dishing out servings of birthday fun over the next several days… err… weeks…?  It’s going to be juicy and delicious.  And there’s no dress code!

Now before you RSVP let’s cover the who, what, when, where, why and how, shall we?

Who:  Rachel Abbett – Mom, Wife, Engineer, Dancer and (drum roll….) Health Coach

What:  Health and wellness inspiration.  I’ll be sprinkling it like confetti and lighting the candles on your gluten-free cake!

When:  I’ve always thought August 18th was a great day to have a birthday.  Carpe diem!

Where: You found me.  Now don’t forget to bookmark and subscribe!

Why:   Luminous & Grounded was born out of a desire for balance. Work hard, play hard, rest hard.  Cherish mind, body and soul.  Glow from within | Be Present | Live Vibrantly  

How:  The idea behind coaching is to provide customized solutions (Wow, could I sound like more of a robot?  Speaking of which… remind me to show you mine sometime!).  But hey, I realize it may take a while for everyone to find their voice, so I’ll do my best to offer you the spice of life. 

Thanks for making this the best birthday yet!  xoxo Rachel

P.S.  And then this happened… #icebucketchallenge


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